How do you pair food with film? What drink would you serve to go alongside The Fast and the Furious? What entree supports the themes present in Minority Report? These were some of the questions I wanted to answer when I created the blog Munch together with two of my best friends. We started with Sharknado back in November 2014, 60+ movies, and a theater event later we are still learning, improving, and having fun. During the journey, I have improved both my cooking and my photography skills. It doesn't hurt that I had my fair share of tasty beverages along the way as well.

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Without much to go on at the beginning other than "Food + Film" I set out to create a brand that was humble, different and alluded to the moniker we had chosen for ourselves: "munch." The result was a blend of old-fashioned with a cutesy twist.


After a couple of rounds of ideas playing with some smile-related concepts to soften the visceral nature the word, "munch" seemed to evoke we landed on a simple logo. It incorporated the two elements we were working with(food and film) and poked fun at the name itself with a bite taken out of both the plate and the reel. In addition, the reel offered an opportunity to add motion to the logo and the plate opened up the option of customizability depending on the mood and the season.


Despite having limited experience shooting food photography, I took on the task of taking photos of the meals we created. It became an opportunity to improve my photography ability overall as well as take another look at composition and lighting in regard to food. After 2 years and over 12,000 "keepable" photos, I have a collection that I am proud to say that I shot and edited. And I am more confident behind a camera than I have ever been.